what do starfish eat?

What Do Starfish Eat?

What Do Starfish Eat

Starfish finds all over the world’s oceans, both the Arctic and the Antarctic.

They are unique creatures having a fascinating look, moves, and eats rather than the other aquatic animals such as fish.

As their name indicates, these star-shaped creatures have various arms and colours with spikes.

They show their moves by cuddling the roks where the water keeps them cool. They can also find in tide pools.

Starfish have a unique ability to grow back their arms accidentally.

They intake oxygen from the water with the help of their tiny modules across their bodies. But, Starfish does not look exciting or fun-watching at first glimpse. People do not consider them as animals because they never see them eat or move alone. People should know that Starfish can move, eat, and have a proper nutrition system to survive.

So, we have to know about What do Starfish eat? And how they eat? Even they have no visible mouth or any catching prey? They are proficient predators; that is why their meals are also moving-slow as they are. Here, we will discuss what Starfish eat, how they hunt, and how they digest food? What do Starfish eat in oceans and aquarium? Let’s start:

What do Starfish Eat

what do they eating

Starfish are strong hunters and essentially feed on mollusks. The primary sources of starfish food are oysters, sand dollars, clams, and mussels. They are all stuck to rocks and probably not easily escape.

When Starfish find snails or injured fish, they eat them. Not all Starfish are always hungry or meat; some find decay plants and animals in the water or on the beach.

Starfish consumed them and made much easier prey—most of the Starfish hunt in water and catch sponge, coral, and plankton for dinner.

How do Starfish Eat and have teeth?

How do Starfish Eat

Whenever you want to find the eyes, nose or mouth on Starfish, you will find yourself scratching your head. Because it seems like Starfish have no visible eyes, nose or mouth.

Starfish are clever enough to stay alive. Their mouth and stomach face the roks and ground they cling.

How do starfish hunt?

When the Starfish see a mollusk, It wraps tightly across the creature they have to eat.

Then it’s arms force to break the muscles of mollusc and turn into the meaty interior.

How does a starfish digest its food?

Starfish pushes its stomach out of its mouth and eats the whole mollusk. After the entire process is done, Starfish re-swallows its stomach and starts to digest the meal fully.

What do Starfish Eat-In Oceans?

What do they Eat-In Oceans

Starfish are omnivores, and their diets are according to the species in the sea. Some types are exceptional predators and eat almost living creatures, including coral, and other sea stars.

Other types of sea stars eat cucumbers, sea urchins, shrimp, tubeworms and fishes as well as algae and seagrasses. Some Starfish can eat dead animals from the seafloor.

In oceans, The food of Starfish depends on the species. Mostly, Starfish hunt the carnivores predators and feed the mollusks such as clams, oysters and mussels that are lay on the seafloor.

One Starfish can eat approx fifty small clams in a weak. Mollusks are easy to prey because they are slow-moving and normally stuck to rocks and other surfaces. Starfish can also eat small fishes and some other species. The residues, decompose plants and algae too.

So, here are some of the best foods that a Starfish typically eat in the ocean:

  • Barnacles
  • Coral Polyps
  • Clams
  • Decomposed organic materials
  • Hermit crabs
  • Mussels
  • Other Starfish
  • Oysters
  • Plankton
  • Sea snails
  • Sea urchins
  • Seaweed
  • Slow-moving fish
  • Snails

What do Starfish Eat in the Aquarium?

the Aquarium-image

Starfish are colourful and exotic that is making them popular features in the aquarium. They can not be alive in fish flakes so mostly, and you have to familiar with the species you are going to add in the tank.

Starfish eat a variety of mollusc, and that is why you need to add the variety of mollusc in the tank, too. Buy a few clams and mussels from the supermarket that must be healthy and happy too. Before adding them in the tank, make sure that everything is washed off properly. Some other things that Starfish eat are algae, prawn or frozen shrimp.

Mostly the superstores provide the food designed for Starfish, and you can also buy it online. The feeding-frequency depend on the species.

How much they eat ?

Some Starfish can live for weeks without eating anything, but some have to eat daily to be alive. The thing you need to do is to know about their right eating routine then you will enjoy watching the Starfish hunting and feeding themselves.

They are a unique sea animal with unique moves rather than any other animal kingdom.

Moreover, Starfish are really popular in aquariums they can not eat fish flakes only like most pf the other fish. They are grazed and find the food that has fallen on the floor of the fish tank.

How often do starfish eat?

They enjoy meaty diets and keep themselves happy. You need to maintain the feeding-frequency very carefully. Normally Starfish have to eat every two to three days.

It is easy to check that your Starfish is Hungry or not, place a piece of food near them and they will eat it quickly if they are hungry. The most important thing is research thoroughly about the Starfish before placing it in the tank. Some eat chocolate chips too.

How big can a starfish get?

the starfish depending on the species, can become really big; for example, the starfish sunflower star (Pycnopodia helianthoides) is known as the biggest species in the world, their size can reach 40 inches, and their weight can reach up to 11 pounds

How long does a starfish live?

The average of life for a starfish is around 35 years, if you keep in the proper way, the starfish can be your friends for many years.

Can a dead starfish come back to life?

The only things that a starfish can do are regenerate their arms, but this process can take several months.

Until now, we spoke about what starfish eat, but maybe you were thinking about…..

Can I put a dead starfish in my fish tank?

Yes, it is possible to put the dead starfish in the aquarium; the only important things is to be sure that the starfish has died.

Who eats starfish in food chain?

The starfish are eaten when some predators are so able to find them out by sharks, manta rays, Alaskan king crabs, and even other starfish.
The sharks that can eat a starfish are limited to some species like Nurse sharks, horn sharks, and the other species that live on the bottom.


If you are a fish keeper, looking for some of the unique creatures that are extremely interesting for your saltwater tank, the best choice is a Starfish.

Some species are simply eating, but the others have the difficult quality to eat. Make sure that you have a well-research about the species you are going to introduce to your tank.

Aquarium creatures will die due to poor water conditions and poor look after. If you want to add the Starfish into your tank, make sure about how to keep the tank clean and what type of diet should provide to the tank’s creatures.

Hence, I hope. You will find this article very useful and helpful if you are going to add Starfish to your aquarium.


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