What is the purpose of an Anchor Handling Tug Supply Vessel (AHTS)?

Anchor Handling Tug Supply Vessel are fascinating vessels that require a lot of experience.


This vessel’s primary purpose is to handle the anchors for the offshore platform; this means to bring the anchors that these particular tugs have on the deck, on the platform offshore location.

Once towed to the location, the anchor handling tug has the job to secure the offshore platform with the anchors that itself has brought to the place.

Many of these ahts vessels have a special design mainly projected to resist the hostile environment where they usually perform.


If we consider the risks during these operations, we see that multiple factors can influence the success or failure of the tug supply vessel operation.

In all the ships but especially on this type of vessel, Working on skills to develop all-around knowledge is the main point to minimize and eliminate the risks on board.

To deliver the result of on the best way possible, it is necessary to know the drawbacks that could be present and need to be addressed or overcome.

We have on all the fleet of the worlds, and this case on the anchor handling tug supply vessel, two main factors that contribute to success.

These are:

1.Crew: Crew capability and skills, the crew’s experience, and their abilities concerning the operation, the ship maneuvering characteristics, winching capacity, and availability of equipment on board.

2.Environmental: weather conditions at the time of operations: Wind, sea conditions, visibility.

Anchor handling can be done with satisfying results if all of the above is taken into account and prepared for at the planning stage of the operation and all concerned personnel informed, equipped, and prepared accordingly.


This is a familiarization article, made for seafares that wuold like to start a new job on this type of vessel, write down a comment if want more article regarding the Anchor Handling Tug Supply Vessel (AHTS)

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